Welcome to Rockhill Car Wash!

Rockhill Car Wash is locally owned and operated by two life long Sellerville residents. We provide state-of-the-art facilities in addition to the latest technology. As a result, you receive a high quality wash in addition to other convenient features.

Go Green

First of all, as a car wash, we want to ensure our impact on the environment and water usage leaves a minimal footprint. Therefore, facility was designed and built with a "GREEN" initiative. We reclaim and treat all of the water from our bays providing envirofnmentally friendly services. 

Looking to Save?

With the Rockhill Loyalty Card, our valued customers also receive additional discounts on their prepaid cards. Purchase yours today and save! Use the Loyalty Card at any of our wash bays!

Business Accounts

Are you a business looking to easily and affordably manage the look of your vehicles? Look no further! There are many benefits to starting your business account with Rockhill. Most of all, you have complete control over your spending and account.

Freedom of Choice

Rockhill Car Wash offers our customers "Freedom of Choice" with three types of car wash experiences (Self-Serve, Soft Touch Automatic bay and Touch Free Automatic bay). As a result, you get location that offers solutions to meet your needs.